Monday, November 5, 2012

Formally Meeting the New Apprentice Tailor at Colonial Williamsburg

Sunday night I arrived home from a busy three days in Williamsburg which included a wonderful weekend with my friends Rebecca and Ashley from A Fashionable Frolick and their parents. Time with them kept homesickness at bay. Sadly I was never able to connect with my Florida friends because of the intense busy-ness of the weekend. Our paths kept diverging into opposite directions. I traveled alone because I was taking a Burnley and Trowbridge gown draping workshop with Rebecca and Ashley, whereas my daughter had college work to do and my husband and son repaired Hurricane Sandy damage.

This weekend was so busy I spent little time in the historic area. However I did arrive early enough Friday morning to renew our season passes. Suddenly it was close to 11:30am and it was time to take the gorgeous drive down to B&T. Every night was busy with homework. I never got to bed before 2am. After taking a break for dinner and settling into the hotel, I'd look at the gown and wonder exactly where to begin. For some reason it's difficult for me to jump right back in to sewing after my entire environment has altered and time has past. Also part of the evening was spent trying to communicate with my husband via phone. For some reason our reception kept cutting out so we kept calling each other back until we finally gave up.

By the end of class Sunday afternoon I had a nearly completed gown! Then I was off to the historic area to meet with the tailor for my appointment about my problematic stays. The mantua maker's expertise enabled me to wear them for the gown draping but now the tailor could give me his expertise in making necessary adjustments! After much deliberation and analysis, he gave me a plan with which I am quite pleased! Then he formally introduced me to his new apprentice tailor whom I already knew!

The tailor asked me if I had met his new apprentice yet and I said I had, though the apprentice might not remember. I shared how my kids and I had met him at the last Under the Redcoat (2011). He had been serving dinner to the officers when he engaged me and my children by showing us the back of the silverware to learn the history of its marking! (Scroll all the way towards the bottom, since it was towards the end of the two day event.)

As I shared the story the apprentice's eyes lit up with memory! I thanked him for that moment because it made a fun moment truly memorable! I also told him I was looking forward to coming in to hear his talks. So far he's only seen me come in to discuss my stays' questions with the tailor. I'm sure my son will be full of questions for him too, as he schemes for a whole new wardrobe! The apprentice will be a fun guy to query as we prick his brain for advice in further attiring my son in the most pleasing 18th century manner!

Monday I resumed regular life of the 21st century, taking my daughter to college. I busied myself about homeschool schedules and lessons, only to fall asleep on the couch and sleep through lunch! My tiredness finally caught up with me!

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