Thursday, June 19, 2008

Constituere to Constitution

Last week we had a great study of how the United States Constitution was written. As usual, I previewed the week’s study with the children, by going over their accountability and thinking questions with them before they started the reading assignments. After the preview, my daughter got to work on her Latin, and was elated that some of her new vocabulary was directly related to the week’s study.
Did you know that Constitution is derived from the Latin verb, constituere which means "to set up, decide, determine?" Furthermore, have you considered that delegate comes from the Latin verb deligere which means "choose?" My daughter was elated to find those words. I used them at the beginning of our discussion and my son found that quite fascinating as we plowed into the discussion.
Our movie of the week was one I had picked up at our recent homeschool bookfair, A More Perfect Union. This link will take you to a video clip of the movie. You'll see a bit of blood, but that's about all the blood there is in the two hour movie.


  1. I am watching an 18 part online (free) video lecture series by Dr J Rufus Fears called "Story of Freedom." I just finished the 6th episode, which was about the Constitution. As always, when I Google about a historical topic afterwards, your (unfortunately "old") blog comes up! I decided to pop over to your new blog and leave the comment there, and see that you said your old blog has been deleted! What a pity! But, somehow, I was still taken there!

    Anyway, I am thoroughly enjoying learning about this time in our country's history. I'll have to dig around your blog some more and see what else you have to say!

  2. I asked HSB if they had actually taken the blog down or if it was down. Turns out it was down and they brought it back up.

    I had so much more to say last year but things were so busy because I was simultaneously doing college paperwork for my daughter. We'll see if I can rethink through that one of these days.