Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Texas Trivia-Texas State History Notebook Part II

Here is a photo of my son's state notebook project from when he was in 4th grade. He is extremely proud of this notebook and will not throw it away! Now I'm glad, since I'm taking pictures to post!

As previously posted in this series, I sent away for all the freebies I could get from resources like TravelTex and Texas State Department of Wildlife. Many of those freebies were put in the side pockets.

Below is a gorgeous poster of wildflowers found in Texas that we got from Travel Tex with our vacation guide. With this you can do a pressed flower project in the spring. We didn't because we weren't in the right places to collect wild flowers. But I did this in my high school Biology I Honors class. Although I had to identify botanical parts of the flowers for biology class, it can be more low key for Texas history. In the spring collect wildflowers and press them. There are kits available, or you can make your own with lots of cardboard in between paper wrapped specimens. After they are fully pressed (completely dried) they can be mounted on cardstock and labeled.

For those who like to color, a coloring book can be made instead. Pages can be printed out from the National Park Service. To know how to appropriately color them, refer to the Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Texas. From them you can order a free catalog or do a flower search on their website.

On the back the flowers are color coded according the the region of the state (corresponding to the regions in Part I) in which the flowers can be found.

Here is an animal track guide from the Texas Parks Service.

Then I made Texas flashcards for a trivia game of state information. Matching games can be played with these. I used two different colored inks from the Texas flag, red and blue. The blue cards say things like: Capital, Song, Motto, Large Animal, Flower..." and the red cards give the answer: Austin, "Texas, our Texas," Friendship, Longhorn, Bluebonnet..."




We also learned the Texas pledge and the Texas state song. Every morning before school started, we did the pledge to the American flag, the pledge to the Texas flag, one of the American anthems (Monday-My Country Tis of Thee, Tues-America the Beautiful, Wednesday-Grand Old Flag, Thursday-Stars and Strips, Friday-Star Spangled Banner) and then we sang the Texas anthem, "Texas, Our Texas."

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