Saturday, August 16, 2008

Using the Phonics of Drawing

First Lesson with Charcoal
A sweet friend e-mailed me one day earlier this summer and asked if I'd like to borrow an extra copy of her CD: The Phonics of Drawing.  I had been reading her blog and seeing some nifty results, so I elatedly said yes! 

We completed the first few lessons before we left for vacation. We practiced drawing shapes...

and more shapes.

We learned a little about perspective. This was great because we read about his technique when we studied the Renaissance last year. Here is ds'...


Then we learned about light and shadow while drawing teddy bears...

Here is dd's...


and ds'...

We used charcoal for all of these, which is extremely messy.  I was excited about doing the perspective exercise because we learned about it when we studied Leonardo da Vinci. We had hoped to see one of his pieces in Washington DC but we ran out of time to do that particular museum.

Use of Complimentary Colors

Now that my son is done with 8th grade, he has more time to learn art techniques. He started lesson #8 last week, where he learned about complimentary colors.
Ben 6-21-10

Using Monochromatic Colors and a Grid

Here are my kids' latest art projects from lessons 9-10 in The Phonics of Drawing. In lesson 9 my kids learned how to use a grid to accurately draw an object. My son has always been great at drawing, but this is incredible! He's now applying the grid technique to other projects of his own.


My daughter, to be quite frank, can't draw at all, but isn't this terrific? I put my son to work helping her out, to make sure she understood the procedure.


Learning how to use the grid teaches eye hand coordination.
Lesson 10 taught the use of monochromatic colors, through the use of shading. They learned the difference between color, shade and tint.

Complementary Art

My kids completed another project from The Phonics of Drawing. This time the lesson was about complementary colors, which are opposites on the color wheel. Warm colors, represented by the leaves, are opposite cool colors, represented by the background. The kids also traced leaves to create masks to neatly do this project. They did the leaves in color pencil and the background with pastels.

Of course my son, the artist, did a fabulous job!
14yos 9-1-10

My daughter, who struggles a bit more with art, did this wonderful piece pretty much on her own! She made sure I knew that too!
17yod 9-2-10

Where in the world am I going to put all this fabulous art? We don't have enough wall space!

Analogous Colors


Coloring with Shading


Linear Perspective with One Point


Atmospheric Perspective




  1. WONDERFUL! Please tell your children their artwork is fantastic!!

  2. Wow! How beautiful. I love the monochromatic shading. Lovely, lovely job!