Saturday, August 30, 2008

Scope for the Imagination at Colonial Williamsburg

Besides the history and interaction at Colonial Williamsburg, I also love the architecture nestled among the formal garden landscape. Charming Georgian architecture of various homes and outbuildings are cozily wrapped in charming colonial fences, softened by shady magnolia trees and blossoms gently waving in the deliciously cool breeze. As Anne of Green Gables would say, "What scope for the imagination!" In between reliving history experiences, we'd take snack and rest breaks on benches under shady oak trees and soaked in the beauty around us, savoring the scent of colorful blooms and watching playful red-breasted robins hop about.  Leisurely walking down the back roads after dinner, we'd stop to watch the horses sedately graze while listening to the bubbling brooks that run through the delightfully hilly landscape and under wooden quaint bridges.  Bends in the road and open gates beckoned secrets to explore.  As the sun sets on a wonderfully exciting day, the azure blue sky turns shades of pinks, the bullfrog starts to croak at the edge of the pond, and another day fades away into history...


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