Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our Texas Fourth of July

Our 4th of July always begins with the decorating!



Our entire garden is lined with these metal flags!



The surprise at our doorstep not only looked patriotic, but also contained some patriotic fun!



We began our fantastic 4th by everyone taking turns reading parts of the Declaration of Independence. I wondered if this was over the top but just wait until you hear/read what happened later. ;)


Then we watched our traditional movie, Yankee Doodle Dandy. At the end we had gentle rain outdoors. yea! That's always a good thing in drought ridden Texas so I don't let rain dampen our parade!

The ribs grilled in the rain while my husband ran to the store to get 2 bags of ice so we could hand-crank the ice cream. By the time he got back the ribs were done! I had made a pasta salad with veggies and herbs from our garden. I got some BBQ sauce out but my husband wouldn't let me put any on the meat. He was too impressed with the rub mixture I had put on! By then the rain had stopped and we sat at the kitchen table eating the most delicious ribs we've ever had and freshest salad we can remember, while watching water drip from the eaves and birds splash in the water.

Well, after dinner clean up we hand cranked chocolate chip chocolate ice cream, a recipe we created! We had samples and it's as good as Bluebell!

Then the moment kids had been waiting for....relay races. Guys against the girls. We ran with spoonfuls of water from the bucket to the glass. The guys won.

My husband suggested we select poetry to read from my books before the fireworks show! So I got all my Country and America Ideals out and we each took turns selecting a patriotic poem to read. DH went first and guess what he picked? The Declaration of Independence! So that got read twice that day and once the week before at our history presentation! And we had studied it in depth for a week about a month before that! We are getting to know this document rather well! ;)

At 8:30 my husband announced it was time for us to put the books down and head for the fireworks. The kids groaned! As much as they wanted to see the fireworks, they wanted to squeeze in just one more poem! I love it!

We took our yearly walk to the next neighborhood to the top of the hill. The temperature was delightfully cool, storm clouds were billowing up in the far distance, towering prodigiously in the sky with varying shades of white and grey. Parts of the sky showed blue. When we got to the top of the hill we watched the sun set and waited about 15 minutes for the professional fireworks show that cascades over nearby Seaworld.

I finally walked down the hill a bit because I could hear the other professional fireworks shows from nearby major hill country hotels and wondered if I could see them at all. But no, I could only see the glow over the rooftops. Then the kids came running down the hill, telling me to join them in chairs provided by the kind neighbors up the hill! They had just come out with their chairs to sit in their driveway and view the show and saw my husband and the kids. They insisted that we have seats too! Wasn't that kind of them?

That is the most comfortable I have ever been watching a fantastic fireworks show. Well no, that isn't true. I was in Washington DC one year at the top of the Kennedy Center restaurant where my SIL worked and surprise, there was an incredible fireworks show with the Washington Monument as the backdrop!  Nothing will ever top that! But this came pretty close! ;)


  1. That is a great 4th of July! I have no idea about the pictures thing. Good luck with that.



  2. WOW-that sounds like an awesome Independence day at your house! Holly

  3. like an old fashioned Fourth of July.

    I know what you mean about computer program troubles. This week-end my husband's laptop updated and messed up some files he had in an older format. I spent a few hours restoring them.

    And don't get me started with photo programs. UGH.

    I will be watching for your celebration photos.

  4. We had a good 4th too. I like poems too, we have a big book of poems that I like to read.