Sunday, July 27, 2008

Becoming Scientists: Weathergirl and Bicycle Guys

We finally got my husband to go to the Witte Museum with us.  Along with their traveling exhibits, there are many permament exhibits which we focused on this trip!
They could ride a bike on a "tightrope" because there was a counterweight preventing the bike from falling over. There was a weight limit to the bike. (We didn't think this would be a good idea for me to do, since I only have one balance nerve.)



My favorite room was upstairs in the tree house which had a weather station. There was even a special room where we learned how weather forecasts were made. This was sponsored by KENS5, the news station I had watched daily since I was a little girl, so I grew up knowing all the weathermen and they were huge favorites of ours. There were videos with these weathermen explaining aspects of weather. We even got to be a weatherman/girl! There was a huge screen just like the one used at the KENS studios as well as a movie camera in position to tape our weather report. At our fingertips we could choose our weather media and forecast for the camera. There were even special jackets to wear to simulate what happens when different colors are worn against this giant screen. Some colors would make us invisible! Then there was a television screen for everyone to see your performance. My son took a turn...then my daughter...and my husband. Then they insisted that I do it. Oh dear. I was afraid of bombing in front of everyone but surprisingly they really liked my weather report and they very kindly said I did the best. They kept asking, "How did you know what to say?" Well I was always glued to the tv for the weather reports all my life, I've lived most of my life in San Antonio so I could just about explain any weather pattern...although today I am still trying to figure out Virgnia! Both Texas and Virginia have similar weather characteristics. Both have weather that changes in an instance. But the origins of the weather patterns are different which still confuses me. I haven't found any weather forecasters up here yet that are as informative as the ones in San Antonio at KENS.

Anyway, when we left, the kids discovered the big screen plasma tv in the lobby of the tree house that allowed EVERYONE to see whoever was giving the weather report! (gasp!) If I knew that I might not have ever done it! Nevertheless we each survived giving a live broadcast of south central Texas weather! I wish we had gotten pictures. The weather room was probably my favorite of the whole museum.

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