Thursday, July 17, 2008

Invitation Example for a "Becoming History" Presentation

For our first history presentation  I invited my parents and brother and his family, who live nearby, to come and see what the children had been learning.  Following is the invitation I sent to them:

Everyone is invited to our musuem showcasing Ancient Egypt on Sunday, October 22, anytime after noon.  Come and go as you like. We have learned a lot of exciting things about Ancient Egypt, the Creation, the Great Flood, the Patriarchs, and the first 5 books of the Bible.  The children would like to share their art projects and more.  B and C have each chosen one of the papers that they have written to present as a speech.  (We will not force that presentation on anyone. However, if interested, ask and they will make their presentations.)  We will have foods available that are representative of these ancient cultures.  B and C would love to share all that they've learned.  Ask as many questions as you want. (Although they have learned a lot, they haven't learned everything!  We had to save something for the high school years!)   Please let us know if you are coming and the general time frame of your arrival.  Thanks!



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  1. I like that you explained a bit about what you had studied right on the invitation. I have not done that with the 3 unit celebrations we've had, but I'm tucking it away for future use!! I can't wait to read more about your wonderful unit celebrations! And I'm excited to get "caught up" on your blog!