Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Memories

This year we managed to hand crank ice cream for Memorial Day.  Last year it rained for all the major summer holidays.  Although we desperately need the rain this year, we cheerfully made the most of our sunshine. 

DH and I got this hand crank ice cream maker as a wedding gift from a friend from his side of the family.  His family has a tradition of making only hand crank ice cream.  It was very important to them that we have one of our own.  This friend searched high and low and found one in an antique shop.  DH found that it easily came apart so he dismantled it, sanded it, varnished it and glued it together in order to improve it.  Then a few months later we visited the cooper at Colonial Williamsburg and learned that these types of containers are supposed to easily come apart.  However, they are strong enough to remain put unless you purposely take a supporting ring off. The slats are absolutely not meant to be glued together.  Oh well.  It still makes great ice cream!

DS takes a turn...

DD took a turn...

Success!  We got Almond Fudge Ice Cream! The only ice cream as good as Blue Bell is home made hand cranked ice cream!

We grilled fajitas with a spice rub and hickory smoked them.  Then I squeezed lemon juice on top and let it sit while the tortillas, peppers and onions grilled. Yum! Can't you just smell it?

A summer holiday grilled dinner must be enjoyed outdoors.  Ah, my favorite kitchen table!

The garden lizards entertained us...

Then we devoured homemade ice cream! That's how we cool off in Texas!

It doesn't take a patriotic holiday for us to fly our American flag. We always fly our American flag in front ot the house and we have a Texas flag that always flies in the back yard.


  1. Thanks for the links! My kids watched the videos with me, and we all enjoyed them.

    The ice cream looks delicious! Almond fudge...yum! I'm glad to hear that you had a good Memorial Day.

  2. What a fun dinner and ice cream besides, yay!

  3. Do you know we have an ice cream maker, and we've never used it? I know...pitiful. But your post makes me want to get it out and dust it off!