Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voice Exercises so I can Read Aloud

I love read aloud time.  I love to sing.  I love to teach.  All three can terribly weaken and injure my voice.  My Sunday School teacher has had two severe  bouts of laryngitis lasting for months to years at a time for straining his voice.  After much medical intervention, voice lessons were the only thing that helped him regain his voice so that he could talk again. However, he can no longer sing.  I feel as though I could be in the same boat if I'm not careful. Always, at the beginning of each school year, I have about a week of near laryngitis.  Reading aloud to my kids leaves my voice weak.  I am hopeless trying to hit my notes when we sing at the Senoir Citizen's Home.  In order to protect my voice, I do vocal warm ups on nearly a daily basis.   Vocal Coach Warm Up is a wonderful product to strengthen and protect the voice of anyone who does a lot of speaking or singing.  Every afternoon, I send my children out for recess while I do the warm ups for about 15 minutes. Then they come in for read aloud time.  Before singing at the nursing home, I try to do the warm up.  Chris and Carole Beatty, who have produced Vocal Coach products, have also coached many professionals like Steve Green!  Disclaimer:  I don't sing as well as him or any other professional.  But my family does enjoy singing and I am having trouble keeping up!   I also have a book by the Beatty's with other tips to help out, including what to drink, posture, etc.  My voice has been strengthened by these products. 


  1. MayTheyBeMightyMenMay 16, 2008 at 12:46 PM

    You do fantastic reviews. Has anyone told you that yet? *lol*

    I've struggled with allergies, mainly. That's the thing that cashes my voice the fastest. I'm praying, actually, right now that God would restore my voice in time for services this weekend. (Wanna join me in that prayer?)

    I'll have to check out these resources. ;')

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! We could definitely use something like that around here.