Thursday, April 3, 2008

Home Education Week-In Their Own Words

12 Year Old Son :  "I like homeschool because we can take it at our own speed and work ahead if we need to. Usually in homeschool we have better teachers than public school.  We have time to look up something if we have questions, instead of waiting until we get home and forgetting what we wanted to research.  Also, I don't have to listen to evolution.  My favorite subject is literature.  I like the action and mystery books. I like to do hands on projects, like when I did my Greek hoplite shield and armour. 

I also like to Nature Journal because I get to see new things, I can pay attention to detail, and I can be as creative as I want without being restricted to a certain assignment. "

Here's a drawing from his nature journal of the bird house he built.

Another view from the bird seed bell...

 15 Year Old Daughter:  "I like the Christian aspect of homeschooling because I get to study subjects in depth.  Also I prefer to study Creationism instead of evolution.  I am learning how to defend my beliefs and use them to witness.  I like Apologia Science, because the mp3 files allow me to listen to someone read the textbook aloud.  The videos help me to see what I am actually studying.  The experiments help me to experience the lesson being taught." (Editor Note: Here is yesterday's experiment.  She is learning about electrons while chasing a white balloon that hung from her bedroom ceiling!  That white balloon had normally been hanging down where she is standing.  She "activated" electrons on the green balloon so that she could "push" the white balloon around.  You can just barely see that the red string from which the white balloon is hanging is at an angle.)

Back to dd: "My favorite subject is literature.  I like books with girls as the main character.  My favorite books this year have been Not Regina and Dr. OmaNot Regina is about the Anabaptists during the reformation in Switzerland.   Dr. Oma is about Maria, the daughter of Prince William of Orange during the Protestant Reformation.  This is set in Holland while they are at war with the Spanish.  Since I like flowers, I enjoyed reading how Maria learns to use herbs from her grandma, while her father is away at war.  I also chose to do a research paper on Holland a few years ago, because I like their tulips.  Reading a literature book about some of the history I had learned was interesting."

When she was in the children's choir at church, she helped sing back up to the Mwangzaza Children's Choir 2004.  (She's hard to see but she's in the purple t-shirt, center, second row down.)

Here she is trying to keep the moves correct in the spring missionary outreach, "Acorns to Oaks".  She's wearing the green bandana.


Dad/Principal:  "I like having computers available for the kids to do their research.  I don't think public schools provide for this.  I like seeing my kids socialized across age lines.  When we sing at the nursing home, the children comfortably spend time talking to the senior citizens and distrubute music.  The history presentations are great because I get to eat!  I also enjoy seeing the kids' presentations.  I have enjoyed tailoring our summer vacations and field trips around the kids' studies.  We've been to lots of great places.  Laurie, you should post the pictures."   

To accomodate my dh's request, here are some vacation pictures that he wanted me to show.  ;)

We got to work at a loom at one of the Spanish Missions...

  Pretending to do school, at the very spot under the trees of the very first "public" school (mid 1800's) in central Texas!

At the Sauer-Beckmann Homestead near the LBJ birthplace in central Texas, collecting turkey eggs. First, the children were not too certain about going into that dark building to collect eggs from a scary looking turkey!  But they did!  Then my poor son tripped over the doorway into the kitchen and all the eggs went splat.  We assured him children in the 1800's and early 1900's (the era for this home of the midwife of LBJ's mother) probably had similar accidents!  

 One summer we went to the East Coast and experienced 3 hurricanes/tropical depressions.  No wind, thankfully but we were soggy!  First stop, Colonial Williamsburg (during Hurricane Alex).  (They have a Home Educator Visit every autumn and fall for about $5 a day with special activities.)  We had fun doing the maze at the Governor's Palace!

 Experiencing cruel and unusual punishment!  It was the kids' idea!  I promise!  They really do have big grins on their faces!

DH and ds in boot camp!

 While avoiding the worst of Hurricane Alex, we met with Thomas Jefferson.  He gave a great presentation to the children!

Ahhh, the hurricane went out to sea.  Sunny day!  Chopping wood at Good Hopes Plantation.

Carrying the water...

Getting drum lessons from the fife and drum corps...

Designing a hat at the milliner's shop...

Meeting Patrick Henry.  He gave a wonderful talk and had me so worked up from his "Give Me Liberty or Death" speech, I was ready to join the militia! If only I could be as articulate as him when meeting loyalists at the Raleigh Tavern.

Trying on armor at Jamestown...

Pounding corn at Powhaten's Village...

Scraping off fur from a hide with an oyster shell...

Keeping those fires going with a feathered turkey wing!

Inspecting General Washington's tent at Yorktown...

A colonial soldier...

Water, please!  My children simply don't work this hard at our house!!!

Then our ABC trip took us to New York for a pause between hurricanes. Riding through the lochs at the Champlain Canal on the Sadie, a turn of the century craft, in upstate New York...

Riding the Erie Canal on a barge pulled by a mule named Sal, in Rome, NY.  Yes, we all sang the song while on the ride....

Visiting Mount Vernon.  Hurricane/downgraded Tropical Depression Bonnie dumped a deluge of rain on us the day before and that morning. Finally the skies are clearing.  

I loved the round barn that George Washington designed.  The children got to run around in circles, simulating how the horses do so to step on the wheat to thresh it.  The wheat sifts through the floor boards into the basement below.  Then the horses came and did it.  My dc slept great that night!

Boat ride on the Potomac to see Washington DC!  This is a great way to see DC with little ones.  Now that they are older, we are planning a vacation to go back and walk up to these places this summer!

Touring Monticello during Hurricane Charlie (downgraded into a tropical depression).  By the time we left, the sun came out and no more rain the rest of the trip...home!  boo hoo!  I called this our ABC trip!  Anyway, we did a special chidren's tour of the mansion and then dodged rain drops to see what we could outside!  Here is poor dd!

Another year we hiked in Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas panhandle, the second largest canyon in the USA. 

 We saw a musical about the local settlers of Texas. There were pyrotechnics with a simulated, yet realistic, lightening strike and grass fire.

We went to the Colorado Rockies and got to see elk up close and personal at over 11,000' elevation in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We experienced how elevation gain is like driving towards the North Pole!  This area is like the tundra.

 We got to see the Manitou Cliff Dwellings of Colorado...

Horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, in the montane zone.  The guide is up front, then dd, then me.  The guys are behind me...

While analyzing plants in Colorado, we just missed the bear a few yards away. Hikers showed us a picture on their camera.  Hmmmm, I should have given them my e-mail to send me a copy.  It was a cute picture!  Just imagine a cute bear a few yards away from this plant!  ;)

Meeting with a marmot at the top of Pikes Peak! 

In Colorado Springs we went to Focus on the Family and produced our own copy of "Adventures in Odyssey!"  DH and I were the foley...

The children each had a voice part.  The voices of Whit, Connie and Kris were pre-recorded.  We got to take home our very own version of "Adventures in Odyssey" starring us!  And it was free!  Each part of FOF we visited offered us a different AIO CD.  For doing the taping, we also got a coupon to buy one, so we got a couple and a few other things at the bookstore.  We also went to Whit's End for lunch and got a wod-fam-choc-sod!


  1. That is all so awesome! It would be so fun to travel like that!

  2. The pictures are fantastic!! I am so excited that we can do those kinds of trips now, too. :)

    This past weekend, we went to MO - - visited the state capital and then went on to Hermann for a German Festival. Very Cool!

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. MayTheyBeMightyMenApril 4, 2008 at 1:50 PM

    Wow! Fantastic entry! I could just look at these pictures over and over! :') What an awesome way to remember. . .and to celebrate all that you've done over time. :')

  4. It was so fun to see those pictures Laurie! We have so many of the same ones from W'burg and Jamestown! Such fun and wonderful memories. We were last at Colorado Springs when our oldest was 1, so we need to go back now that she's 11 and there are 4 more!