Tuesday, July 31, 2007

History Timelines for Grammar Level Students

When  my children were in elementary school, we made a historical timeline of our studies day by day. This was in the days before we had a digital camera, and before I had a blog, so I don't think I have any pictures of this. However it's rather simple to put together this great hands-on activity. Whenever we studied about a historical event, I took out a blank white index card. On the one side I wrote the year in big colorful numbers. On the other side I wrote the name of the event, and allowed my kids to decorate it anyway they wanted.
About once a week, I took out all of the cards we had accumulated and mixed them up. Then we could play games with them like flash cards. The most popular game we played was to lay them out with the name of the event face up. Then I had the kids line the cards up one by one, in chronological order. Then they flipped the cards over to see if the years were in proper sequence.
It was fun seeing how long the timeline could get!

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