Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Egg-ceptionally Smashing-Apologia Physicsical Science

A year and a half ago we switched from A Beka to new science curriculum.  DD completed Apologia's General Science last year and is currently studying Physical Science.  We are halfway through the book.  The second half of the book is all about physics.  One of the things I love about Apologia, along with Dr. Wylie's Young Earth Creation teaching, is the experiments.  We can actually be successful with most of them.  He has us use common household objects and explains what we should be looking for.  Here are some pictures of an experiment dd recently did on velocity.

She released 2 eggs simultaneously, one behind the other, and noted that not much happened.  BTW, see that top book on the stack?  Here's a close up.  The kids thought it would be fun to use this specific book on top!

On to the next step!

Then she released one at the top of the ramp and noted what happened when it collided into the egg at the bottom of the ramp.  Don't worry. There was minimal damage.

Finally, she released these two eggs simultaneously.  Prepared for the predicted mass of destruction????


  1. Thanks fos sharing!

    Its that last photo of your son in a school room? It looks like a neat area!

  2. You all are having so much fun in science. What cool activities.



  3. Thanks msacks! That's actually a picture of my son in his bedroom! If you go to my Categories on the right column, and click "quilts" you'll see more in the second entry. ;)



  4. You guys do keep busy, don't you! The experiments must be fun for the kids.

  5. Hmmmm--school looks like fun! (:



  6. I am so impressed! We do science for sure, but I'm not anywhere near as consistent with the experiments as I'd like to be. It looks like you've got quite the science lab going on there! You inspire me to keep working on doing more experiments.

    Happy teaching,


  7. My son also is in the Physical Science book. We use the MP3 which is great for me because I can multitask and keep up with the week's lessons. Love all the photos of the experimentations.