Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Twelve Days of Christmas Blessing

    A few years ago we had a typical Christmas…lights joyously twinkling, cheerful strains of music heralding the Savior’s birth and delicious smells of sugar and spice wafting from the oven, while I put the final touches on costumes for the church Christmas program. Then the doorbell rang.

     As I opened the door, there was no one to be seen. Glancing down I saw a can with a note, "On the first day of Christmas your crazy friends gave to you…a can of pears!" Each night my kids had fun trying to catch our "crazy friends" and predicting their creative gifts.

2 Turtle Doves-bag of Dove chocolates

3 French Hens-Bag of Fancy Frozen French Fries

4 Calling Birds-play plastic cell phones

5 Golden Rings-can of pineapple rings

6 Geese A Laying-apple ornaments

7 Swans A Swimming-Swan Bubble Bath

8 Maids A Milking-butterscotch candies

9 Ladies Dancing-dancing shoes

10 Lords A Leaping-rubber balls

11 Pipers Piping-whistles

12 Drummers Drumming-When we opened the door, our friends sang, "On the 12th day of Christmas your crazy friends gave to you "Happy Birthday Jesus" pencils!"

     It was a joyous time where we hugged and laughed. I asked my friend how they pulled it off. She smiled and said her kids dressed up in black, like secret agents. She dropped them off and drove to the end of the street while they sneaked the gift to the door and rang the doorbell. Then they hastily sped down the street to jump in their van. My friend knew how busy I was with the Christmas pageant at church, and she wanted to return a blessing to me. Indeed, she truly made me feel blessed for twelve days of Christmas and many days thereafter.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a great idea for special friends or family! I could imagine how much fun this was for your family and for your friends!