Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet, in 1940 and Today

Last summer London’s Royal Ballet was in town to perform "Sleeping Beauty". I wanted to take 12yodd and asked the guys if they wanted to come. Yes, but then I had to count the pennies. I didn’t think I could make this happen, so God did something really neat! The military got free tickets! Woo hoo! I warned 10yo ds that the witch could be scary…and she was! But he was cool with that and we all loved the intricate scene changes, the stunning choreography and the gorgeous costumes! The program explained that the scenery and choreography date back to the 1940’s, using the work of the famed Oliver Messel. Included in the link is a video of the stage design, music, dance, and costume of the production. We were quite impressed with the level of technique back then!

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