Monday, December 31, 2007

Silent Night

Despite illnesses throughout the family, we mustered ourselves together for a photo shoot.  

Some changed into more comfortable clothes, while I got the snacks/dinner ready.  While tamales were steaming, mozarella cheesesticks were baking, and shrimp was thawing, dh put a fire in the fireplace.


Then dd read our devotion with the Advent Candle.  She and ds had been sharing a lot of the reading this week, which was new.  I was trying to save my voice, with the cold.  Even though we have done this advent candle book for years, the children noticed things for the first time.  Like, there were extra readings, depending on how late in the week Christmas falls. They had never thought of that before.

Guess who showed up for the reading?

Slipper kitty adores laps and books to climb over and edges of books to rub her chin on.

There's just nothing like trying to read while the book is bumping up and down and while getting a furry tail in your face.

Of course kitty acts offended and wanders off...but can't bear the temptation...

Guess who's back?  It never fails.  This is what I put up with all the time!  Maybe she'll be more content if she gets a big hug and her picture taken!

Now she is just too irresistable and ds has to grab her away from dd!

After resuming our reading, we discussed on how people reacted to Jesus' first coming...and how they perceive His second coming today.  This is always interesting, talking about the reading and applying past events to the present culture.  We've discovered that things haven't changed much really!  Then it was time for the snacks.  Since dd was the only healthy person in the room, she got to blow out the candle on the fruitcake, after singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  (That picture came out blurry.)  You can see the lit candle in the back left corner.

We settled down to eat while watching "It's a Wonderful Life."  We all love this movie.  We are big Jimmy Stewart fans and the story line is wonderful.  By the way, if any of you wonder what my brother is like, he could pass for Jimmy Stewart in a look a like contest!  He can even impersonate him....grunts and all!  =)  Of course, now that I'm settled, kitty is ready to invade my lap with her furry presence.  However I have food I am trying to eat.  It was so funny, I'd just put her down on the floor and ds and I would wave our hands to under the tree, and under the tree she would go.  She kept popping out every few minutes to see if my lap was free yet, then she'd go back under the tree when we pointed to it! 

Finally, I was done eating and my lap was ready. Of course she's not content until I stretch out and lay the blanket on top of my lap. 

Now isn't this cozy?  DD likes to lay against me too...



  1. advancedmaternalageDecember 31, 2007 at 5:24 AM

    I love your family photo! I need to learn how to post photos. Blessings to you and your family for a healthy New Year and hugs to kittty/

  2. In spite of the illnesses...

    We battled too, Christmas Eve and beyond...the stomach bug hit me last Friday, and I was down for the seems to have finally made it's way out of the house, but it made some of our Christmas celebration interesting!

    Blessings to you and your lovely family for the new year!


  3. What a wonderful telling of your Christmas story! I love the pictures, and it's obvious that it was a very special night for all of you.

    When I grow up, can I have sweet traditions like yours...or the Waltons? *giggle*

    I really enjoy your entries! *grin*

  4. You're family photo came out nicely!

    I like your cat- she seems very affectionate!