Thursday, December 13, 2007

Secret Sister 2007 from Maryland

I found a package from my Secret Sister on my doorstep tonight! I opened it and read her sweet, sweet words in the card.   Then I pulled out a chocolate ball, like an orange.  Do you know those candies?  I can't show a picture of that because my children have already eaten part of it! =) 

Then I slowly opened a square box and unwrapped and unwrapped and unwrapped and unwrapped this...


Doesn't this fit my blog well? (Note 7-25-11: my original blog used to have a green background with my teacup collection featured in my garden. That html template, that I agonized over, disappeared into hyperspace when the blog company, not blogspot, moved my blog to a different blog platform.  Now it is impossible for me to recreate it there, but I could here, not that I have time.  There are other blog issues, hence my moving my original blog over here, slowly but surely.  The other blog company is trying to remain solvent, so I have doubts to my blog remaining over there.)
DH said I should incorporate a picture of it into my blog design, so I will be working on that! =)  She had said in my note that she had been a secret reader of my blog.  =)  This is equisite and could have easily made my blog of my favorite things the other day!!!!  I also love mosaics out of china on top of items like this.  I love, love, love this!!!!  

Then I opened a flat box, she had said it was to thank us for our years in the Air Force.  I was flabbergasted as I unwrapped the box.  It is the 2007 White House Ornament! 

We have talked about starting a collection of these for sometime. We love to watch The White House Christmas every year on hgtv, where they always show the latest ornament.  In fact, the kids were recently asking when this year's show will be on....Sun night!  My son, who wants to be president gets caught up in the decorating of the White House and tells how he would decorate.  I always tell him that his wife will do the decorating and he will be running the country.  Then he tells us that if his plans come true, we're all invited to "his house".  lol 

This ornament commemorates the first presidential White House wedding. In fact, this is the only wedding in the White House of a president...Grover Cleveland!  His bride's dress and veil had orange blossoms...which is the silver filigree part of the ornament frame...and my children had orange candy!  What a connection!  My dd, who thinks fruit is the best food in the world and loves strawberries, always asks me what my favorite fruit is.  I enjoy many fruits, but I have a way of always choosing orange flavor!  I can't imagine what real orange blossoms are like!  I could have posted a picture of this in my favorite things as well!  I'm looking forward to reading this booklet more thoroughly!  =)

Thank you SS for praying for me and blessing me with these sweet gifts!  The neat thing is that now I know who she is, I can pray for her!  =)



  1. What lovely gifts Laurie!! They are PERFECT for you!!!! I'm so glad you finally got your SS box!



  2. What wonderful gifts :) I just love the teacup and it does suit your blog just perfectly *grin* What a lovely SS you got partnered with!



  3. What neat presents!

  4. Those are absolutely precious gifts. Definitely a very thoughtful lady you have for a secret sister... She's a keeper!

    Be blessed,


  5. Wow! Those gifts were so thoughtful. What a blessing!

  6. What a thoughtful secret sister you have. How very lovely is the teacup. I would look great as an advantar. I didn't even know that you could get White House ornaments. They are beautiful. I'm going to have to look into this myself. I don't know if I ever told you this, but I really appreciate all that the military families and their servicemen do for our country. Thank-you for the sacrifices you all make for our country. I'm sure there is a special place in heaven for you all.