Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Every New Year's Eve we have snack and game night.  Whoever wins the game gets to write their name in the box lid next to the year.  Now that we have accumulated so many games, the kids and I want to sqeeze in as many as possible.  DH however couldn't stand the idea of playing games all day and all night.  The kids and I think it's fun. 

Our first game was chosen by dd.  Surprisingly, she chose "Hail to the Chief."  I thought she'd choose one of her favorites, one of our many geography games.  I bought this game for ds a few years ago, knowing he had a goal to one day be president, to restore traditional values to our country.  At one point, a question about Teddy Roosevelt came up.  DH ran and got his book on TR to reference some information.  Now dh is not into books.  This book is a tome!  My brother, who is a history buff, found out dh was a fan of TR.  So 8 years ago, he bought this book for him.  We all laughed when we saw it, because dh just doesn't enjoy reading books.  But this book he truely enjoys.  He simply has not had time to devour it.   But he has faithfully plunkered through and is nearing the end.  There might be a few hundred pages left!  LOL  

The object of this game is to answer questions about presidents, while accumulating enough delegate votes to be the party candidate.  After that we can go through the states, accumulating necessary electoral votes to win the race.  Once we have enough votes, it is a race to the White House.  The first one who has enough votes and moves across the board and uses the exact number of dots on the dice to land in the White House is the President.  Second place is VP.  DS usually wins this game.  This year we have new winners!  DH became President and I became VP!  What a team!

The winner picks the next game.  So dh picked Wheel of Fortune.  I forgot to take a picture of this game...which I won, while playing Vanna White and turning letters.

I knew this might be the only winning game for I picked my favorite, Scrabble.  DH detests this game...and he won!  Not only that, I played all the large words, yet he won with small words using rare letters on double letter and triple word spaces.  We like to play to the end anyway, trying to use up our letters.  Only 2 were left, "j" and "g".  Can you find a space for them?

Then we played Colonial Williamsburg.  I bought this when we visited a few years ago and it's a favorite with the kids.  The game brings back lots of fond memories and reviews lots of great history.  Again, dh won this game.

By now, it was time for dinner.  We usually have more of our Christmas snacks.  

Cheese, meat and crackers...and shrimp...

Cheese sticks...tamales...


While eating, dh had to watch a movie.  We pulled out a favorite, "Bachelor Mother".  This was made in the 40's I think, starring Ginger Rogers and David Niven.  She is a single lady who works in David Niven's department store, selling miniature Donald Ducks.  She loses her job.  A guy on the floor talks her into joining him in a dance contest (it's fun to watch her dance even without Fred Astaire) While walking down the street, she sees a lady leaving a baby on the steps of the foundling home.  She rushes over and picks up the baby and takes him in...but the foundling home people think she is the mother. They go to her boss, David Niven, to discuss how to help this poor unwed mother.  Niven gives her back her job and gives her a pay raise.  Niven, meanwhile, is a bachelor, out every night with a different gal, home late...and his father is desperately trying to settle him down.  In the end, the baby ends up with a wonderful mother and father...and it is funny to watch the baby's expressions while watching Rogers and Niven banter back and forth.  

After that, we played Life.  This is not my favorite game, because there is no logic. 

By now it is 10pm and we are all getting sleepy.  But we let the kids stay up...the fireworks are going off outside so sleep is impossible.  Might as well stay up and play games.  To help us stay awake, dh chose Jenga. 

I know there is a physics lesson built into this game...I'm just not up to speed on the subject.  But this tower is built with layers of rectangular blocks, 3 to each level lying perpendicular to each other.  You try to push out one and put it on top.  Hmmmm, this is hard to describe...maybe I can show you.

Here is ds pulling out one which he needs to place on top...

Here's another one getting pushed out...

Taking out another one...oh did I mention this thing gets wobbly!  The loser is the one who makes it topple!

Here I am trying to be ever so careful...

You have to imagine this thing getting can blow any minute now...

Uh's looking a lot like the Leaning Tower of Pisa...

Uh oh...that's the end of that tower.  We played 4 rounds, so each of us could start.  The difference in our technique was interesting.  DH and dd are very global; ds and I are sequential.  DD and I are very careful, usually going for the middle of the 3 pieces in the layer, to keep the foundation sturdy.  The guys are more gutsy and prefer to go after the outside pieces, making the tower more precariously prone to fall.  The kids and dh can be completely reckless.  Yes, even dd.  There are times she just goes for it and doesn't try to be careful...but it usually holds together.  I, however, am ever so gentle and careful.  So who won...I did!  I was the only one who never let it fall.

So I picked the final game, my new favorite.  Tonight dh won the game.  

By then it was time for the New Year.  I usually buy blowers and pop confetti between Christmas and New Years but forgot about it this time. 

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I can't imagine playing so many games....

  2. I love the games idea. I sounds like you had a great time. What fun!


  3. MayTheyBeMightyMenJanuary 2, 2008 at 5:16 AM

    I love the games idea. What I love more is the idea of recording the winner in the box lid! Never thought of doing that.

    I love your pics...especially of the dinner plates. :')

  4. Looks like a very fun day!! LOL about your dh's plate of food!



  5. My husband doesn't like games much either. You have some interesting educational games I'll have to look into. The one game hubby and I have been playing since our pre-children years is Jenga. Love that game. Whenever we had friends over we would play, and them when our oldest was about 3, he would join in the game. Always a family favorite here. What a nice way for you to end the New Year as a family.