Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Master Bathroom Remodel

My husband finished remodeling our bathroom! 

Panning around with my camera, here's the shower that he tiled. He also installed new bronze shower hardware...

Here's the shower curtain.  I was going to buy some sheets to make this, but decided to special order it ready made.  I am shocked at how short it is!  Hmmmmm, one of these days I think I'll drive dh nuts and sew a little black gingham below the toile!  oo-la-la  ;)

 DH didn't want typical bathroom rugs...so I found these chenille rugs.  They are so soft and cozy on the bare feet!

See the bathroom scale in the upper right corner of the picture above?  DH wanted a new bathroom scale, one that talks!  Well, I didn't find one of those...but this one should keep him busy...it displays not only weight, but also...well, the instructions don't make any sense to me...what does the box say?  Let's see, it also measures body water!  And it even has an athlete mode for highly fit individuals.  It also has a terrific memory, storing data for up to 6 people!  DH and DS had sooooo much fun setting it up!  

He also retiled the floor.

Here's the vanity. There used to be one giant wall mirror, but we had no medicine cabinets. There are now medicine cabinets behind each mirror.  He put up the new lighting, changing out the old hollywood lights. Also, we always had this long countertop, but only one sink. We now have one sink. Then my husband painted the cabinet and put on new bronze hardware. Also we put in the new granite looking countertop, which is actually laminate. 

Here's the new cabinet he built for me. I thought this would be a good place for extra storage in pretty containters.  It was unused space before. I changed my mind on a lot of stuff to put here.  This will be a work in progress. 


  1. It's looking really great!! My sister would love the shell decorating :) She has shell stuff all over her house.

    Have a beautiful Wednesday,


  2. You may have to fight to get in there. lol Hope the leaks get fixed permenantly. You've done a lovely job decorating. Have a great Thanksgiving with the family.


  3. Beautiful bathroom Laurie!! It looks really fantastic! Isn't it fun to be at the decorating stage finally??! Enjoy that lovely room and have a blessed Thanksgiving Day tomorrow!



  4. Oh my, I love the show curtain in the children's bathroom. Could you please tell me where you purchased it. I can be emailed at either gatorb8.lawson@gmail.com or dannette.lawson@ngc.com. It is beautiful and I am redoing our guest bathroom-this would be great. Thank You!