Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tea Room in Gruene for my Birthday

We typically do a lot of work around here, so I try to offset that by doing special things for holidays and birthdays. On the weekend on or nearest my birthday, we usually go to one of the nearby little towns to enjoy the day shopping and eating somewhere special. DH was going to be busy with the bathroom remodel and visiting a co-worker around lunchtime, so he would not be able to join us. Also, he wanted me to do some shopping for the new bathroom. As soon as the bathroom is done, he would like me to decorate it and be done with it. So the kids and I ran errands and swung by Gruene (in Texas) for a little fun.

Gruene is a charming little German town that became a ghost town in the early 1900’s. In the 1970’s, individuals bought some of the old buildings and restored them to become restaurants and shops. Gruene is now a thriving little town enjoyed by many. The Gruene Mansion Inn is a lovely bed and breakfast which is housed in one of the original mansions of the founders of the town. There are lovely pictures and links to the rest of the charming town.

Of anywhere I’ve ever eaten, the River House Tea Room is my favorite. The chef has won state awards for her cooking. Men even enjoy coming here! The chef has found a wonderful blend to please both men and women. My daughter and even my son even enjoy coming here to eat! Even though my birthday would actually be on a school day, the tea room has limited hours and is about an hour from our house. Saturday was the best day to go.

It was a lovely day. A cool front had come through, pushing out all the humidity. We enjoyed eating outdoors under the trees.

A kitty made instant friends with the kids…

In fact, she decided to make herself at home...

After eating, we did a little shopping. At the one store, ds spent some time talking to the cashiers. They asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. I knew what was coming! He has a passion to become president of the United States! While he was soliciting votes, dd and I went into the back of the store to look at tea stuff. Eventually we made our way back to the front again, and now the ladies were putting together a pink package for him. One lady ran to the back for a pink bow, while he pulled out his money. I went to the counter to make a purchase and they asked if he was my son. When I said yes, they said he was a really nice boy. They asked if the girl was my daughter. When I said yes, they assured me they just knew she was nice too! Then they told me all about his interest in being president and they knew his first name but that was all. As we left they asked for his full name. He clearly stated first, middle, and last name and they looked at each other, got big round mouths and exclaimed…"even the name sounds presidential!"

Now that a few votes had been collected, we were off to do more shopping and see some pretty flowers...

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  1. and it's never to early to rally for votes. Lovely pictures. What an interesting life you lead.