Monday, October 22, 2007

From My San Antonio, Texas Garden Summer 2007

The first wintery blast of the season arrived last night. Here's a look at a few hardy blooms that survived the blast:

Blue Plumbago...

An antique rose...

And yet another antique rose...


  1. Laurie,

    What beautiful flowers!!! I have to confess, my favorite would be your yellow and pink roses. I have always had a love of that color combination, though I'd NEVER turn down a rose of any color! The plumbago is also particularly beautiful. In fact, I just realized these favorites from your garden are in your header photo. We just have to meet one of these days!

    Love, Marsha

  2. What beautiful flowers you have : ) I can see why you wouldn't be looking forward to the fall/winter season *grin*



  3. Our year of flowers was very weak. Over the past few weeks the roses have bloomed again only to last a day or so. The weather here has been so up and down it has not been a very color prolific year. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Your pictures are so well taken. What's your secret?

    Blessings always,


  4. Oh what beautiful pics! You have mastered that learning curve, that's for sure. I wish we could garden together!



  5. I'm sorry about your flowers. I love autumn is my favorite. Chilly, blustery weather....YES!!!! Bring it on!