Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Secret Sister 2006 from Michigan

Now that I'm blogging I'd like to share about a Secret Sister program I participated in last December. In an on-line yahoo homeschool support group I'm with, we sign up to be prayer partners and exchange an ornament. This was my first year to participate. I sent a gift to a neat lady in West Virginia. I received a gift from Michigan!

The theme was snow...I think because she gets a lot and we get only a little! She knew that I had homemade ornaments on the tree, so she made an ornament for me representing the two of us. I don't think she knew I have grapevine wreaths in my house though. She put a bluebonnet on the state of Texas and a snowflake on her state of Michigan.  

She even gave each of my kids snowmen ornaments!

I also got this cute little gift book.

I can't find it but I even got a journal with writing prompts on each page. I've already started it. When I find it I'll add a photo. We even got some chocolate to enjoy. This was fun to arrive on this day in December, because my husband had been out of town all week for work. Thank you!

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