Thursday, July 19, 2007

Making Ancient Minoan Frescoes

While we studied the history of the Ancient Minoans last winter, we had fun reading about their frescoes, which we had seen on a History Channel program a few months before about the Ancient Greek culture. After learning so much about them, and with them being so representative of the Ancient Minoans, as well as being a huge art form, we had to make our own frescoes. 

I saved styrofoam trays from frozen meat that I sanitized in soap and hot water, then clorox. (Actually I did that for dd.  DS form was a round styrofoam plate.) 

Then I had the dc plan what they wanted to paint. Fresco painting must be done while wet and dries first they sketched and colored on a sheet of paper their design.  I let them choose any design they wanted.  It did not have to be a copy of an Ancient Greek design like bull leaping, although that certainly would have been interesting.

Then I mixed and poured plaster of paris into the trays.  As soon as they started to set, the dc used their water colors to paint on the wet plaster.  After it completely dried we popped them out of the trays. 

Minoan Frescoes

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