Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How We Reenacted the Feast of Purim

When we studied Esther from the Old Testament last spring, we reenacted the Feast of Purim like the Jews do. The kids made these shakers out of emptied and cleaned frozen orange juice concentrate containers, decorating them with paper and filling them with stones. The original lids were taped back onto the containers. These were given to my husband whose job it was to shake them at the appropriate moment.  I read the entire book of Esther aloud.  DD represented Esther and DS represented Mordecai with these masks (which were displayed at our Ancient Greek history presentation with other items).  Everytime I read about Esther or Mordecai, they stepped out onto the "stage" and pantomimed the actions I was reading.  Whenever I read about the dastardly Haman, my husband furiously shook the shakers and yelled, "boo!!! hiss!!!" 

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