Sunday, July 15, 2007

How We Made Our Creation Books

While studying creation last year, I thought the kids would enjoy doing a mixed media type art project, pulling out all of the odds and ends from our craft box.  We cut the pages for each day in graduating sizes. These are the pages from my  son's book.

Day 1-Cut 2" wide.  Colored black on top and white on the bottom.  Days are numbered on the bottom inside of clouds. 

Creation Day 1
Day 2-Cut 3" wide.  Colored dark blue on the bottom and lighter on top.  Cotton used for clouds.

Creation Day 2

Day 3-Cotton for clouds.  Green yarn for tree tops.  Yellow yarn for ???

Creation Day 3

Day 4-Yellow yarn for sun.  White yarn for moon.  Foam stars.

Creation Day 4

Day 5-Yellow yarn for sun.  Green yarn for seaweed.  Fish stickers.

Creation Day  5

Day 6-Yellow yarn for sun.  Green yarn for tree tops.  Foam turtles and frogs. Fish sticker.

Creation Day 6

Then we bound the outside of the pages with scotch tape.


  1. Laurie, I love this! I'm going to have to keep this in mind for next time. I may have to do it before we roll back around to TOG year 1 in two years.

    Your book is beautiful. And I love the painted toenails in one of the picture =)

    ~blessings, Guinever

  2. I had to go back three times to find the painted toe nails! :)

    The book is lovely. We will definitely make this when we reach this part of our TOG unit!

    -Jennifer in NoVA who is so far behind she wonders if we will ever reach creation!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! We made a booklet, and my daughter drew the days, and she made Days 3 and 5 alike so she got confused when she was reciting them. Your format is perfect, and I think it will do the trick :)

  4. I have to admit that I copied your idea of a creation book! Coloring and drawing are not my son's favorite thing to do -- neither is glueing but sometimes we have to do things we don't like to do =)

    I used your idea of foam stickers and I was able to find lots of fish and animal stickers in the scrapbook section at Wal-mart. We used a glue wash and tissue paper for the backgrounds and stickers. The glueing part was a bit tricky only b/c he doesn't like to get his hands dirty and gluing tissue paper usually requires more than the token index finger tap-tap! LOL! But, the sticker idea was ingenious! Our little project is stuffed full of stickers. I printed out the verses and we cut them out and pasted them on the back of each day. Come Unit Celebration time, he can either narrate or read from the back--either would be (like you say) sneaking in education for a kindergartner/1st grader.

    I know this is long, but I thoroughly enjoy your blog and as a new TOG user--get so many ideas and inspiration to keep going from your journey.