Friday, July 27, 2007

Greek Vase, Solar System, and more Ancient Greek Projects

For my daughter's speech on Greek architecture during our Greek history presentation, we bought a trifold posterboard in the color blue, to represent Greece.  Since she's not an artist (neither am I) I purchased a book on Greek architecture at Half Price book with a coupon. She cut out the beautiful photographs she wanted to illustrate the different types of explain her points and glued them on neatly with a glue stick. Her print and spacing isn't great, so we made labels on the computer.  As a result, she learned how to use other means to make a lovely product!

I have designed my son's science curriculum around our history studies. Since there were plenty of Greek scientific and mathematical discoveries, during science time he made models to display for the history presentation. (Don't you love when school subjects overlap?)   

Since we incorporate science with our history studies, this project made a great science project! As the Greeks studied the lights in the night sky, so did my son! He made this solar system from a kit. The balls of styrofoam needed to be painted then strung with string.  He hung it from a dowel rod which we set on top of our fireplace tool holder.  The fireplace mades a great backdrop!

This Greek vase was made from an extra vase I had (one of the cheap ones).  My son has made so many vases during our study of the ancients, so I've tried to have him use different mediums with each one. For this one he paper mached the vase, then formed the handles.  When it dried he painted it to look like a Greek vase.  He also made some 3D shapes (turquoise) bottom right corner.  DD did some string art (bottom left corner) using some of the geometric shapes the Greeks played with. Included in the display are the masks from our Aesop's Fable play, The Tortoise and the Hare.

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