Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cooking for an Ancient Egypt and Hebrew History Presentation

 Last year when we had our Ancient Egyptian presentation, we also ate food typical of the Egyptians and Hebrews we had studied, basically in the first five chapters of the Bible.  My daughter made a list of foods that she had read about in the Bible and our other books. This became our shopping list.  I will describe dishes going clockwise. At the top right are melons (honeydew and cantaloupe). To the bottom right are pomegranates ("recipe" below). Center is challah bread, which we included since we had studied all of the Jewish feasts as written in the the Bible.  A great resource for the feasts is A Family Guide to Biblical Holidays by Robin Sampson. It is full of history, recipes, Scripture, and activities for each of the feasts.  The bottom right were fig cakes with a recipe from Ancient Egypt! Behind that were radishes! Then in the colander were grapes.  I might have grilled some chicken breasts which are behind the display of leeks.

Challah Bread

Our favorite was the pomegranate.  A google search on "pomegranates Ancient Egypt" will bring up lots of great information. I had never used these before.  I had to google instructions on how to use them.  They are full of seeds which are the part that you eat.  They are filled with a great liquid.  I also found a wonderful recipe!  First you roll the pomegranate on the counter top to smash the seeds inside.

Preparing the Pomegranate

Then you poke a hole into the fruit with a skewer and insert a straw. Of course that part is modern. However I think this is an old method of using the pomegranate.  We joked that it was the world's first soft drink!  LOL

Ready to Drink Pomegranate Juice

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