Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ancient Phonician Projects-Purple Dyes and Shells

When we studied the Phoenicians last winter, we learned that they were traders in the color purple so we did a variety of projects related to that.

My daughter did a project where she died different shades of purple, using red cabbage that had been boiled on top of the stove.  We cut up several strips of white cotton in 2" widths and put them in the dye. One strip came out after 10 minutes, another after 1 hour, another after 5 hours, another after 11 hours, and the last after 22 hours.  After they dried we pressed them and stacked them on top of each other to form a color graduation from light at the botton to dark at the top.  We cut the strips into graduating sizes so that the different shades would show.  DD put it on black card stock and topped off the fabric with a couple of purple beads.  

My daughter also made a necklace with purple beads. 

My son made the murex seashell out of sculpy clay that he baked and painted.  This is the shell from which the purple dye is collected.   From the way it is laying, you can see the purple inside.

Ancient Phonecian Projects

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