Monday, November 6, 2006

A Museum Style Dialectic History Presentation of Ancient Cultures

We studied a mix of ancient cultures last winter.  This time for our museum style history presentation, I had the kids choose specific people to become and prepare speeches for their chosen character.  I was Deborah (from Judges), dd was Ruth, and ds portrayed a Phoenician merchant of purple dye who came to know the one true God through some Hebrews he met while trading.  I had the dc write KWO (process of prewriting from IEW) and practice their speeches.  They wanted me to do it too, so I did my best to set a good example!

Ancient Culture History Presentation

After we introduced ourselves, we ate!

Food from the Ancient Cultures

I decided to feature some foods of the regions and spices to make the table prettier. My daughter made a list of foods that she found in the Bible and other books we studied. That list became our shopping list! 

After we ate, we had show and tell.  The dc showed off all their projects and answered all of the guests questions.

Here is the table on Ancient India:

Ancient India

  Ancient China:

Ancient China

Here is dd showing off her lantern after the history presentation:

Chinese Lantern

Ancient America:

Ancient America

The Hebrews:


Ancient Early Greeks:

Early Greeks

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